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Mayor Kaidan of Rosewood

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my hair is a mess jfc time to shower


carelessrelationnn's Gametown.

Updated dream address: 5900-3905-8030


she was in my campsite and i had a free space so i was like “eh, why not, come live here” [feel free to delete commentary]


Starry Sky Yukata (original)

Decided to try to make my own yukata/kimono style design for Tanabata coming up!


First snow fall in ACNL


Week after the snow in ACNL


tbh I can’t wait for the snow

where can I watch madoka: rebellion tho

And isn’t there a spin off series that takes place in an alternate time line?

nickohssailboat asked: What would you wish for?

hmm idk I’ve never really thought about it

cole-crossing asked: if you become a magical girl just don't get ahead of yourself like mami did

tbh I can see myself doing that

Anonymous asked: are you sure you want to be a magical girl. You know, since they all end up dying within a few years afterwards or in a very lucky case become god or in some cases be stuck in a timeloop of 1 month for the equivalent of 12 years

im ok with all of the above

i just
i just want to be a magical girl