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lookie what i gots

got my roster for ssb ready


March 19 - Some AC:NL fanart

Groucho is one of my neighbors and he recently changed (thanks) that stupid polkadot shirt for a denim jacket, i like to imagine he wears it this way


Re-tail sign for my standee. Free to use.


// nothings stopping you from turning your town into an inferno


For angiestown ! 

I worked really hard but had a lot of fun with this one~ Hope you like it!

Original screenshot: [ x ]

  • Me: hey kid you wanna do drugs
  • Kid: ok
  • Me:
  • Kid:
  • Me:
  • Kid: why did you give me a copy of animal crossing


The Mayor of Cray.
Was gonna paint these but got lazy.


Halloween in Cocoon ^0^

this took forever to draw omg


deirdre does not like rides.