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I found this bathhouse building in Two Crowns anndddd I love it.

I think I finished my house in Sanddeep.

I think.



The New 3DS XL won’t have changeable shells… But at least we can still enjoy some swell New Leaf software themes!

Nintendo of Europe confirmed 3DS themes would arrive in October. The Japanese theme list prices AC themes at ¥200 which is ~$1.84 or ~£1.13.

Anonymous asked: Kaidancrossing is a bopple

whats a bopple

Anonymous asked: Kaidancrossing likes pogs

whats a pog


when you finally get a dream villager in your town


New Themes Coming To Nintendo’s 3DS


New Themes Coming To Nintendo’s 3DS

Nintendo’s 3DS (and 2DS) have received an outline of prices and categories for upcoming custom themes applied to the 3DS menu.


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A present for a friend’s birthday.


Kyary Isabelle!!


A reminder from Isabelle!