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Tom Nook Gameboy.


image So i just realised that i’m sitting just under reached 1000 followers!

So I’ll be giving away the sloppy set & art of your mayor! plus a bonus cardboard set if you do something extra~ (I want to be a little more interactive with you guys!)

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Merry Labor Day, one and all!

Anonymous asked: One time Kidd had me bury a time capsule and when I dug it up it said "My dear person in the future, Remember: Keep being awesome! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise! And if anyone says your fashion is freaky? Ignore them, they're just jealous!" and I was in a bad place so it kind of made me uh cry. This game gets to me, okay?
Anonymous asked: "OMG THIS GAME IS ABOUT CYUUTSI WOOTSI ANIMULS WHY IS EVERY1 MEAN" eat my ass you fucking nerd



this is hilarious

everyone needs to see this video

oh my god



i used to run a digby ask blog but deleted it, along with my main blog and several other blog beause of Reasons.

digby in a dress is still like, my crowning glory.

stares out over the ocean, shedding a single tear.

here are some of the pictures/answers i still have saved


im sorry

(im not sorry)

wolfgang is the only living thing on this earth doc actually likes


Too late.